Lord Dempsey
Player Long Haired Chris
Character Lord David Dempsey of Newcastle and formerly of Oxford
City Newcastle
Clan Ventrue
Covenant Invictus
Age upon Embrace 26 years old, currently 109 years old
Occupation/Position Lord of the First Estate
Hometown Liverpool, via America and Oxford
Status within the City Recent Arrival




His entire bloodline have been Ventrue Lords and Ladies of the First Estate



Recent Events

He has recently become a Lord of the First Estate and only recently left Oxford for the North East these two events might be interconnected but they might not be.


He is the Regional Leader of the First Estate. A station he has rejected on the grounds of it being the rumour of and uneducated unaligned.


Alder Beckett
Sir Francios
Lady Sullana


None within this region as of now

Quotes from or about Lord Dempsey:

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