Lord Voss
Player James 'Knev'
Character The Dark Lord Voss
City Darlington
Clan Nosferatu
Covenant Circle of The Crone
Age upon Embrace Unknown
Occupation/Position Unknown
Hometown Voreda
Status within the City Resident
Status Active


Lord Voss was a Roman General during the Empires occupation of Britain, arriving during AD 43 he Commanded the Legio II Augusta, General Augustus Decimus Voss was taking direct commands from Aulus Plautius, a distinguished senator who commanded overall Four Roman Legions during the initial invasion. The legion participated in the Roman conquest of Britain in 43. Lord Voss led the campaign against the Durotriges and Dumnonii tribes.

Although it was recorded as suffering a defeat at the hands of the Silures in 52, the II Augusta proved to be one of the best legions, even after its disgrace during the uprising of queen Boudica, when its praefectus castrorum, who was then its acting commander (its legatus and tribunes probably being absent with the governor Suetonius Paulinus), contravened Suetonius' orders to join him and so later committed suicide.

After the defeat of Boudica, the legion was dispersed over several bases; from 66 to around 74 it was stationed at Glevum (modern Gloucester), and then moved to Isca Augusta (modern Caerleon), building a stone fortress that the soldiers occupied until the end of the 3rd century. The legion also had connections with the camp at Alchester in Oxfordshire; stamped tiles record it in the 2nd century at Abonae (Sea Mills, Bristol) on the tidal shore of the Avon (Princeton Encyclopedia).

Lord Voss during a battle with one of the British tribes begun to chase down a tribeswoman who had killed three of his Legionaries before fleeing from the battle, General Voss seeking revenge for the bloody way in which the Legionaries were killed, gave chase upon his steed, the woman was fast and agile, and General Voss had trouble in catching up to her, but in some fluke mishap, the woman stumbled, falling slightly as the General closed in, driving his Gladius through her back before wheeling round to finish the job off…

However, the woman still stood, seemingly unharmed by General Voss's attack, Voss, climbed down from his steed and walked towards her, aiming to finish the woman off by removing her head, it would be a fitting trophy mounted on a spike, but the Woman was quick, she tore into Lord Voss who was quickly brought down by the un-natural strength of this woman, the next thing Voss new, she was biting into his neck and drawing the lifeforce from him…

The next thing to happen, No one knows, not even Lord Voss, the woman, a Vampire, before leaving, gave Lord Voss some of her vitae, thus embracing him, bringing him into Kindred society, she then quickly left..

Lord Voss however quickly discovered that he was no longer human and left, leaving the lands before the morning sun rose… He took shelter in the darkness of a Cave where his hunger grew….

Soon another one of his Kind had discovered Lord Voss, who was feeding from animals, hunting down wild boar and draining them of their blood, this Kindred was of the Circle and she took Lord Voss under her wing, at first he didn't realise, but this Kindred woman was the woman who took him from his horse and drank from his neck, Lord Voss flew into a fit of rage and charged at her, but she deftly knocked him to one side, she spoke calmly and softly, telling Lord Voss that she had been watching him for some time and that she had chosen him to be her companion in her unlife..

Lord Voss couldn't help but fall for her, her charm and beauty was unmatched and he took every bit of knowledge from her, building up his own skills and fully understanding what he had become, they hunted the Kine, chasing them down and feeding from them freely, until the Roman Army came to deal with them.

Lord Voss fled from the region, as his lover was staked out for the morning chorus by a Centurion who was formerly under the Command of General Voss, this Centurion took great pleasure in watching this woman turn to dust as the sun arose, while Lord Voss could do nothing but start his unlife anew…

Over the next few years, Lord Voss began building his Cult, recruiting new members by promising them Powers beyond their imagination, bringing them into the Circle of the Bloodied Hand, they became his ghouls, recruiting new followers so that Lord Voss may feed, in return for their loyalty, and their worship, Lord Voss using his new found abilities, granted them blessings, bestowing their crops with water from the skies, they Worshipped Lord Voss as a God, building great shrines to his honour, and sacrificing their number to him on a weekly basis, however, Lord Voss's hunger grew, no matter how many virgins were fed to him, they did not state his hunger, in a blind rage, Voss devoured his entire cult, leaving nothing but dessicated corpses, feeding even from his own ghouls.

His cult destroyed and in ruins, Lord Voss moved, leaving the Region again, moving to a new area and restarting his cult, he moved from region to region, building a cult up from the ground then devouring it once his hunger had become too great, Lord Voss began to become known throughout the lands, going under many names, from Overlord of The Bloodied Hand, Tyrant of The 13 Kingdoms, The Grand Sculptor of Flesh and The Great Devourer.

Speak to Lord Voss now and he will tell you that his reason for moving is due to Sanctified Atrocities, but infact it is due to the fact that his hunger becomes so strong that he will devour his cult, leaving nothing behind, sparing no one and being forced to move on before the Hunger returns…




Upon his arrival Lord Voss was seen wearing a full set of Leather scale mail armour and a long black cloak, his hair was long and flowing, spoke little and only to those he deemed worthy, however recently during his second visit to Darlington, Lord Voss was seen wearing a smart black suit, perhaps Lord Voss having been in isolation for such a long time has decided that its in his interests to adapt to modern times and enjoy the benefits these bring.



Recent Events


  • it is rumoured that Lord Voss forgets he's Lord Voss and sometimes thinks he's Colonel Max Von Roht
  • Has agreed to become Prince Grayson's Enforcer, with Lord Voss acting as Prince Graysons Agent, who will dare oppose his rule?


  • Prince Nash Kincade
  • Tyler
  • Kenny


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Character Specific Abilities:

Diabolic Grip
Rank 2 CrĂșac + Rank 1 Dominate
Draw: Cruac + Occult + Manipulation Vs Blood Potency + Composure

Description: The Blood Sorcerer slices his palm and reaches out towards the target allowing their vitae to well out of the wound as they chant a prayer to the dark goddess. The rite empowers their power of suggestion convincing the victim that they are suffocating making them gasp for air and tear at the invisible fingers they feel closing off their air supply even kindred targets can be tricked momentarily into believing the illusion of their former mortality.

Effect: Per success on the activation draw the target spends one turn believing themselves to be suffocating, they can move at their normal speed whilst role-playing their condition but any other action suffers a penalty equal to the amount of successes on the draw. In addition targets who need to breathe will take one bashing per turn as they inadvertently choke themselves, this ritual fails if the subject becomes unconscious.

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