Lucy Ann
Player Lydia Magnavacca
Character Lucy-Ann [Tyler] (born Lucilla Angela Dolphin Moon Tyler but that is unknown to PCs as of yet)
City Newcastle
Clan Mekhet
Covenant Ordo Dracul
Age upon Embrace 20
Occupation/Position Hacker/ICT expert
Hometown unembraced: Reading/ embraced: Durham
Status/ Title in the City Harpy


Born Lucilla Angela Dolphin Moon Tyler to Hippy Parents, Lucy Ann ran away from home at an early age.
Unlike most runaways Lucy Ann worked hard and earned a place at Durham University where she was seen by her sire a member of the Mekhet Clan.
Lucy Ann was sired secretly by order of Bishop Odo who wished a technologically savvy kindred for his court, she knows her sire only by his appearance and the most brief of interactions and currently does not know where he is.
Lucy Ann resents the Stuffy kindred court with its traditions and pointless rules but she has grown to love the freedom of the night.

She loves ICT, computers and hacking over the years she has collected data on several people which they would definately not wish to have made public.
She is useful in following the mortal world and believes in the true meaning of anarchy, she enjoys intelligent discourse and will use her gadgets and hacking skills whenever she can.
Lucy Ann has dabbled in the Occult but also dabbles in and enjoys science.

Originally Lucy Ann joined the Carthian movement as she shared many of their values and ideas but as time went on she grew dissatisfied and in late 2008 she renounced her membership and joined the Ordo Dracul where it appears she has found her place.

With the Decline of Bishop Odo towards torpor Lucy Ann found herself much in need at court, she was named Inquisitor and granted use of a mask that allowed her to see demonic taint in people.
But with the rise of Karl Braun to Regent Lucy Ann abandoned Durham and moved to Newcastle possibly due to her dislike for the regent or perhaps in search of more training from the Ordo Dracul.


Lucy-Ann is plain, scruffy, nerdy and very student-like, having been embraced as a student and never wanting to adhere to what she sees as old-fashioned stuffiness of Vampire Court. She feels its stupid and needs to move on or it will slowly die…She finds goths amusing and finds it even more amusing when relatively new Kindred etc goth it up for affect (in her eyes).


none as of yet….

Recent Events

Auspexing everything in sight (not necessarily known IC) BUT it IS known IC she likes to spirit touch Stuff, which isn't always a bad idea…but rarely a good one…


  • When she defected to the dragons they made her drink from all the other Ordo in the area thats what they do to keep their people loyal I hear.
  • Has her eye on a making a retainer from her herd.
  • Recently became catatonic by Spirit Touching the Banner and Leaf (left behind the fey and swirlling vortex that took the Hunter Green) too much, thinking she had seen Heaven (really Arcadia). Now very embarrassed.
  • Lucy Ann is dating Alex knight, I hear the two of them are even planning on moving in together.
  • The Carthians are not happy with Lucy Ann after she defected to the Ordo Dracul.
  • Lucy Ann is hopelessly addicted to the visions her Mekhet bloodline has granted her and indulges them at every oppertunity.
  • I hear Lucy Ann had her tongue ripped out for being rude to the regent of Newcastle.
  • Rumours suggest that Lucy Ann may be wanted by MI5 and perhaps Interpol. It isn't suggested whether they want to imprison her or use her.
  • Looks like Alex and Lucy Ann are serious - they announced their marriage in Middlesbrough. Weird, the good vampire and the hacker harpy of Newcastle, getting hitched.


  • Ian Druss - Ian is a Carthian who took Lucy-Ann under his wing, in return for giving her allowance to have a herd in his nightclub etc she does small jobs from him here and there.
  • Balthazar Black - Since joining the Ordo Dracul Lucy Ann is seldom far from Balthazar's presence and he has been seen to give her orders on more than one occasion.
  • Alex Knight - Lucy Ann seems to have developed an emotional attachment to Alex Knight and the pair seem to be in a relationship.

As of yet she is still finding her feet in all the recent upheaval and as she finds it hard to socialise in Court gradually hopes to be making allies.


  • Karl Braun - Lucy Ann deeply distrusts the new Prince Regent of Durham and her sudden departure to Newcastle may well have been motivated by his rise to power.


Lets get some quotes up here, kids!

  • 'He said to guard it with your life he said nothing about not opening it…' Lucy Ann to Balthazar Black.
  • "If my life be forfeit, in order to protect her, then it will be a sacrifice that is worth making." - Alex Knight Q.C, when discussing Lucy-Ann
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