Luther Ulyanov

Clan: Nosferatu
Covenant Circle of the Crone


Luther is not a thing of beauty. He stands an imposing and unnerving figure over six feet tall and wearing quite openly the scars of some hideous disease from his mortal days upon his face. Speaking in broken but competent English, he is able to explain enough to any that are willing to listen, to convince that he is well versed in the traditions and more than capable of upholding them. It would easily be possible to make at least an attempt at making himself more presentable but for some reason he obviously enjoys the effect his appearance has on other Kindred and Mortals alike.

Local History

Luther made his first appearance in the court of Durham in late May of 2009 during a particularly hectic evening. He was granted hospitality and had stayed to enjoy it for only a short while before the drama of the evening unfolded. As any keeper of the traditions should, he lept to defend what he saw as a challenge on the Praxis which, once quietened down, led to nothing. His actions did however catch the eye of the then Regent, Karl Braun, who bade him remain in the court and in Durham and to take up the position of Hound within it.

In an attempt to find some more lasting purpose within the North East and make new allies and friends, Luther took over the Crypt following the death of it's previous owner Ian Druss. The relaunch of the club, now renamed КЛУБ (Which is apparently russian for "club"!) and complete with a new interior and a focus on gaming and light entertainment rather than its more hardcore past image, was one of the social events of the year in Kindred circles! The success of the club meant that additional branches in Middlesboro and Newcastle swiftly followed, with Luther asking his good friend Tarja Vygotsky to move from Moscow and bring her succesful band with her to help front the Newcastle branch, with more of a focus on music and entertainment along side the clubs other interests. With the clubs well established and new friends and allies built within the Russian communities across the North East, Luther has fingers in many pies, some of them, it is alleged, are not entirely legitimate, but nothing has been proven just yet!

In early November Luther made the move to Newcastles court, following the announcement by Dr Marius that a new Prince would be chosen. He found himself faced with the reality that there were no real contenders with the strength and influence to get the job done, so he put his name forward and received the backing of much of the court. He now rules the city as Prince and Newcastle has enjoyed a period of stability for the first time since early in Ito's reign.

In late early 2010, after a period of discussion and some conflict with the covenants, Luther was pronounced Commissar of the North East region. He wasted no time in telling Westminster to keep their noses out of North East business from this point on, something that could come back to haunt him sooner or later!

During Tarjas latest world tour Luther has missed her dreadfully, when he received news of her disappearance that was the final straw and he nearly lost control completely. When she emerged, very much the worse for wear, and returned to court, he could think of nothing else but taking her away to his personal Haven to comfort her, and he means to nurse her back to full health and sanity…who knows what this means!

After Tarja did another disappearing after the June elysium, Luther became extremely grumpy and short tempered. This might have finally come to a head when he and his Crone allies went on a cleaning run to rid them of some notable enemies. Tarja returned that evening and he has now apparently chilled out again… Too late for Granite and Sonniku sadly ;)

Wider History

Born in 1429 in Khlynov, a fort town just west of the Ural Mountains in the Western Central Russian block that was later renamed to Kirov in honour of Sergey Kirov, former Soviet leader assassinated in 1934, he was raised by his father to be a worker of clay and potter. Skilled with his hands he stood out above his fathers work by the time he was twenty and took over the running of the family business. His wares became known throughout the region and this mild mannered young man looked like he was set for life.

At the age of 27 however, he contracted a mysterious illness, which leaves scars upon his face even to this day. It damn near killed him and by the time he had pulled through from the fever any manual dexterity previously attuned to his work was lost. His trade cruelly stripped from him he quickly turned to drink and found himself in with the wrong types. Exploiting the comings and goings through the mountains was easy pickings with coordinated gangs. He quickly recovered his strength but any subtlety and good nature about him had long since deserted him. Becoming a gang master for the local underworld was the last mortal step he took, as quickly as he rose to prominence, so too did a jealous challenger. He was knocked cold and dragged into a cart and taken to a remote mountain pass and left for dead. Somebody was watching however, as the next he knew was the begginings of blood lust, a stranger with a most unnerving disposition about him, forcing vitae into his barely wet mouth as the last gasps of his breath left him.

His sire, who he grew accustomed to being around despite his less than savoury company, had apparently been watching him work and found his new found talent for getting the most from people a benefit too good to miss out on, was of the Nosferatu. If anything, after his embrace, the disfigurement that had born its mark upon him for a few years now, seemed to worsen. Yellow and angry scars that had not existed since his time of illness reopened and remained so. He was schooled by his sire in many of the blood skills of the Nosferatu but his strength and vitality was clearly the biggest of his talents. His ability to drive both mortal and vampire to complete most tasks with little complaint led to him being as useful in the night time society of Khlynovs young court as he had been to the gangs of the Ural mountain passes. He was tutored by his sire further and introduced to the ways of Cruac, within the Circle Acolytes of the town he quickly grew to master the basic rituals and became a favourite of the circle for his methods away from the rites of getting things done. An uncanny knack to persuade others to his view point and the strength of arms to back it up led him quickly to become a trusted member of both his clan and covenant contacts.

Centuries later, in the mid 2008 and after awakening from his third long sleep across the generations it took him little time to find and establish contact again with kindred in what had now become Kirov. It seemed that all holders and keepers of tradition were finally lost, the city now in the hands of the Carthian movement and run predominantly by gangs of Whelps, most of the Elders sent to final death aside from those now in torpor either at the hand of their own childer, or in secret locations protected by those still loyal. Fearing for his unlife and tired of the thought of trying to ressurect proper order and respect for the traditions, Luther took the decision to leave Kirov and expand his horizons.

His long search finally took him to England, the sceptered isle, and guided by dreams and the hope of more traditional kindred, he journeyed slowly north to Durham.


  • Forgive my poor langiust again, my manlyservant arriving with few days and will be better communicate my wishes. - Luther to Bishop Karl Braun.
  • Fuck you! Fucking shit…*stomp* - Luthers elloquent response to another maddening comment from Hutter - darlington November 09
  • FUCK DODGY! - Luthers opinion on a certain dodgy one.


  • Luther still harbours his disease and since it has mutated he can pass it on to not only mortals but other kindred.
  • He has a deep burning hatred of Carthians but is not above using them to achieve his aims
  • He has subverted a good proportion of the Russian community in the North East and they now support him with the club
  • His Personal Assistant and Ghoul Alexis Vatruder got his name completely by mistake but it is a source of great amusement to some
  • Morrigan Hutter of Middlesborough attacked Luther in his own court because she hated Russians, she is now part of the stone cladding on the walls of Luthers new elysium
  • Luther aims to stamp out the Carthian revival in the region by any means possible and is not above turning them all into a nice new patio'd smoking area for his clubs!
  • Luther and Tarja sitting in a tree … K-I-S-S-I-N-G!
  • Tarja is going to have to "show" Luther what to do…he isn't very worldly in some respects!
  • Supposedly he is a master at ballroom dancing. His favourite dance is the waltz.

Friends and Allies

  • Marianne has helped him with the opening of the club and is also working very hard on the cocktail development area!
  • Dr Marius is his most trusted advisor and fellow acolyte of the Crone
  • Prince Cassa Dar of Durham has long been close to Luther, possibly even as far as trusting him, at least as far as Cassa trusts anyone!
  • Tarja Vygotsky has been a long time friend and ally of Luther from their Russian days. He fails to comprehend her music quite so well as he might however, but at least he is trying!
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