Title: The lady of the lake, the blind seer, the mad witch of the fens, Prince of the city.
Clan: Gangrel
Covenant: Circle of the Crone

Mab has dwelled in Darlington for centuries, she claims that she came with the kettles the bottomless pits near oxen le hall and holds them and the lands surrounding them as her exclusive territory.
Erratic and undeniably insane Mab has ruled since her first nights in the town when she butchered the sanctified inhabitants and claimed it for herself.



  • Mab is a serial Diablerist
  • If shes as old as she says and hasn't slept then who or what exactly is she eating?
  • Mab has some strange hold over DeSoulis, why else would he willingly serve her?
  • The Hells Kettles are a gateway to strange worlds and places that no longer exist.
  • Made a deal with the Hammers. They get praxis, they provide her with enough kindred sustenance.
  • Isn't actually who she says she is, the REAL queen is Bellatrix, she just acts that way to misdirect would be assassins!
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