A seductive or commanding sway of emotions. Practiced predominantly by those of the Daeva clan.

● Awe
This power gifts the user with unparallelled charm; those nearby become fascinated by and fawn over the vampire.

●● Revelation
The presence and reassurance of a Kindred using this power is enough to make others share their innermost feelings and secrets.

●●● Entrancement
Entrancement warps the emotional state of the subject, making them a willing servant of the vampire.

●●●● Summoning
A very useful power which allows a vampire to call any individual they know personally to them. The subject will make every attempt to reach the vampire and knows instinctively where to find them, they won't, however, put their own life in danger to do so.

●●●●● Sovereignty
The intimidating and overpowering presence that the vampire displays makes others quick to surrender, and the thought of risking their displeasure is enough to make even the most rebellious of subjects fall in line. Raising one’s voice to a Kindred using this power seems unthinkable and attacking them barely seems possible.

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