Mark Winter

Title: Prince of Newcastle
Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Invictus

Not a lot is known about the Prince of Newcastle. As a newcomer to the North East, he kept himself to himself and only became involved in the problems and politics of the city when required. His skills with firearms, his resourcefulness and no-nonsense attitude soon earned him the title of Hound. He was later named Prince of Newcastle by King Beogart, being the only officer in the court at the time of His Majesty's visit.

Prince Mark acts through his Vizier, Eleanor Mock, who advises him on various matters regarding the city and represents him the courts of the other cities. These two Kindred are very close friends and work together to ensure the stability of Newcastle.


  • Mark is originally from Scotland and is rumoured to have once been the Prince of Glasgow.
  • Eleanor Mock is the true Prince of Newcastle, yet is happy for Mark to hold the title.
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