Colonel Max Von Roht
Player James 'Knev'
Character Max Von Roht
City Darlington
Clan Ventrue
Covenant Unaligned
Age upon Embrace 32
Occupation/Position Colonel of The SS
Hometown Hannover (currently residing within Darlington)
Status within the City Ex-Prince
Status Insane




- Max is a tall and imposing figure, using his stance and appearance to his advantages, since the fall of Nazi Germany, Max has taken to growing his hair long, prefering the style for a modern age, However when at court or dealing with his own private things, Max relishes the opportunity to don his former uniform and relive the glory days of his former job, his Uniform is that of an SS Colonel, his rank before the Allies over ran france and forced him to ditch the uniform and make a hasty retreat.



Recent Events

- Colonel Max Von Roht went a bit mad, thought he was back in WW2, had to be 'retired from princeship' for his own good.


  • Before he joined Nazi Germany's armed forces, he was a recognised conductor with the Munich Symphony Orchestra
  • Max tends to use Herbal essences shampoo cause he's worth it
  • Max is really into drum and bass and is also very good at the worm
  • He is completely power mad, and will crush any opposition under his boot.
  • He is a soft touch at heart, and is only taking power for the benefit of all, claiming Mab to be an outdated leader.
  • Is working under Mab's direct orders, the queen is pulling the strings.
  • He is completely insane, believing that it is his Divine Right to Rule Darlington
  • He Believes he is Invincible
  • Max is using she Shadow Empire as a front for, you guessed it, taking over the world
  • "OF COURSE!!"
  • His latest scheme to blow up his own court has in fact been on going since May 2010, he awaits the arrival of his "Stooker Dive-Tortoises" with baited breath.



Quotes from or about Max Von Roht:

*What are you doing Preist?… Praying?…. God is Not Here Today…
*What I cannot destroy with the weapons of man…. I shall crush beneath the Heel of my Jackbooted Arrogance…
*More cheese and wine, Johan? I forgot, you have no lips

Fitting with the Character Max

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