Meri Sit Anpu

Translation: Beloved Daughter of Anubis
Clan Mekhet
Covenant Circle of the Crone

Meri-Sit-Anpu is a strange exotic kindred that was rescued from an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus in a Newcastle museum.
Although her grasp of English is still somewhat primitive Meri-Sit-Anpu is slowly adjusting to the modern world and finding her place among the kindred of Newcastle.

Ties of Belief: Information known to the Circle of the Crone

Meri-Sit-Anpu claims she was once in training to become a Priestess of Anubis an Egyptian god of the dead and she still worships the Egyptian Pantheon tonight.
Although Meri might possibly predate the covenant itself she comes from a very similar background and upon awakening she quickly made it clear that the Circle holds her loyalty.

Ties of Blood: Information known to the Mekhet Clan



Meri-Sit-Anpu claims that she was born in Egypt around two thousand years ago as a slave.
Her mother was the servant (and later ghoul) of the man who would one day become her Sire Pra-Her-Unam-Ef and she was trained from childhood to do his bidding.
At twelve her master released her from her bondage but out of love and loyalty she chose to remain in service to him and began to train to become a priestess of Anubis.

Meri-Sit-Anpu was embraced in her twenty-second year after a horse almost fatally injured her and Pra-Her-Unam-Ef spared her a lingering death with the embrace.
Over the next few nights he taught her to hunt and the laws of their kind. He taught her to avoid the wrath of Amon-Ra by hiding from his gaze as his chariot rode across the sky and he explained why she must never drink the souls of her own kind lest she invoke the wrath of the gods for taking what belongs only to them.
As kindred she took her place by his side and together they existed together for many years feeding on their small community until other kindred came and ruined their happy existence.

Buried Alive

Meri-Sit-Anpu claims that other kindred came to their little community in search of her sire. After a brief battle they were both restrained and she was chained to a post in front of a blazing fire and forced to watch as her captors drained dry every servant and butchered every living member of the household before casting Pra-Her-Unam-Ef into the blaze.
She was imprisoned for the sins of her sire that night sealed up inside the stone sarcophagus to suffer for all eternity.
What followed next was a seemingly endless void of torpid dreams interspersed with fragmented memories of waking starved and still trapped within the coffin before lapsing once more into seep.
She was rescued from this endless nightmare by pure chance her sarcophagus was unearthed by archeologists and shipped to England where it sat in various museums unopened for decades until it was scanned using modern technology.
The scans of the sarcophagus came out blurred and the story made it into the local newspapers alerting the local kindred scant hours before the seal was scheduled to be broken.
The local kindred confirmed that the body inside the sarcophagus was kindred and stole it from the museum freeing her from her prison and introducing her to the modern world.


Meri was freed from her stone prison into a world that seemed more like a torpor dream than reality. Only able to converse with a few learned kindred at first she needed months of slow education before she mastered the basics of English and even longer before she was safe to let out to hunt on her own.
Just as she was beginning to understand the world around her a great disaster occurred and she was forced to flee through a magical gateway to escape finding herself and her companions in another version of Newcastle.

Shaken again by events she barely understands Meri-Sit-Anpu attempts to find her place in this new land so different from the one she once knew.

Friends Allies & Enemies

Alexander Gideon since coming through the portal together these two acolytes appear to have joined forces.

Alex Knight QC these two kindred came through the portal together and seem to have developed a friendship.

Rumour’s Myths & Outright Lies

Below are a few rumours attributed to Meri-Sit-Anpu feel free to add your own.

  • If she is what she claims to be then who knows what we have unleashed on the modern world.
  • Just because they found her in some ancient relic doesn’t mean she was in it for two thousand years who knows what she really is but ancient she’s not.
  • Don’t believe that bull about her not knowing much English she understands every word you say.
  • She must have done something pretty damned bad to get locked in a box for all eternity perhaps they should have just buried her again.
  • She was Prince Ito's assassin, dissapeared about the same time too.


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  • Finally, someone else who speaks decent and fluent Latin, not pig Latin! - Alex Knight, Q.C
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