Michael Mcbrian
Player Matthew 'Borris' Watson
Character Michael McBrian
City Middlesbrough
Clan Nosferatu
Covenant Unaligned
Age upon Embrace Sometime around 1961 assumed
Occupation/Position No occupation at the moment
Hometown Middlesbrough
Status within the City None


Born and grew up in Middlesbrough. Joined Durham light infantry 5th Batallion at start of World War II. Posted to London to man anti-aircraft guns. injured in air raid in 1944 and suffered severe mental trauma. Awoke at St. Lukes hospital in Middlesbrough, only to be transferred to a new medical facility at Skinningrove. Remained there, revieving medical treatment until December 1960 when a huge explosion tore the building apart, burying me under rubble and debris. I Awoke later to discover I was alone in the ruins of the facility.


A short, stocky, slightly built man with a very unkept appearence. Wild, untamed long hair flows around his shoulders at times obscures his dirty face. still wears remnants of his old uniform, combined with a black coat he found that has seen better days. Arms and hands caked in mud where he's been scavenging through the ruins of the hospital for clues about the old facility, much like the rest of his clothes.


Nosferatu, sire unknown.



Recent Events

Recently had to steal medication in order to gain a threshold of his wavering sanity, but cannot ingest. I need to mix them with blood. I've noticed three crows that have begun to watch my movements recently, even helping me while scavenging, removing pebbles and twigs. I've discovered the old facility's connection with vampire hunters, and contacted a professor that had worked there many years ago, under the employment of said hunters. A meeting will be arranged within the next couple of months.


  • Morrigan Hutter: Very head-strong and always willing to help the Middlesbrough…clan. I like her. She makes me feel safe.
  • Amodeous Von Carlson: He listens to me and tries to help me make sense of things…when he's not looking for excuses to shoot people. A good man…if a little too trigger-happy.
  • Cyrill: Has also encountered the same organization that operated at the old hospital. We have common interests…especially after what they did to him…poor soul.
  • Adrian Tenebrook: Quite a foppish fellow, but the Sheriff Morrigan insists he's a good man. Recently made an attempt to break the ice with him, although not too sure how well I was recieved…


No personal enemies, as of yet.


  • After having to break in to a chemists to acquire drugs for my mental conditions, whispers have began to circulate that I'm a thief and a drug-pusher and that I'm not to be trusted…which I have to say I find most infuriating. Its bad enough having people think me a derranged madman.

Quotes from or about Michael:

Michael: " I'm a very quiet man…I tend to keep myself to myself, and mind my own business. "


Michael was slain during an attack against the feral gangrel of Durham.

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