Middlesbrough In Darkness

When the mortals go to bed, the true rulers of the city come out to play…


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History of Middlesbrough

Announcements of the City:

Rules of Elysium

  • Weapons are allowed in the Elysium, but must only be used in defence of the Elysium
  • Disciplines should not be used within Elysium
  • Anyone within Elysium has the right of protection, whatever their status
  • These rights also extend to those travelling to or from Elysium
  • Attacking someone in Elysium for any reason other than defence is in breach of these rules
  • Any matters that originate from or involve Middlesbrough should be brought to the Prince's attention
  • Any new Kindred of the City or visitor to the City must be introduced to the Prince immediately
  • In the absence of the Prince, the City is run by the Seneshal
  • Anyone and everyone are welcome to Middlesbrough's Elysium, as long as they keep a civil tongue and keep to the Rules


List of Middlesbrough Kindred

Official Positions in the City:

Other Kindred Residents:

Dr Hans Ferritz
Hotaru Ichigo
Benicio Antonio del Castillo de la Cruz
Father Solomon
The baron
Morrigan Hutter

Allies of the City:

  • Follower's of Inanna A religious group, they celebrate life. A well established union.
  • Followers of Ereshkigal A religious group, they celebrate death. A shakey current agreement.
  • Brood of Lillith They have departed to other places at present, but that doesn't mean they will not return.
  • Rolf Jarl recognised controller of the Middlesbrough sewer system, has a rivalry with Robin
  • Robin A kindred who keeps himself to himself, has a rivalry with Rolf
  • Emily A remaining childe left from dead ex-prince Edith Fitzroy, she is not too keen on the court but not openly attacking them either.

Enemies of the City:

  • The Society of Leopold - A faction of vampire hunters within Middlesbrough.
  • AAA - Now currently sent back down to the underworld, hopefully we won't see him for a very long time.
  • Baphomet - A demon which has been terrorising Newcastle and collecting souls for some unknown purpose, ever since Baphomets Herald imprissoned Jonathan Harrington in a sword Johnny has been getting mental images and during the July Middlesbrough court Baphoments Herald made his pressence known in Middlesbrough by violently killing random mortals and writing Harrington in the victims entrails. A number of rituals were carried out during the court which may have angered Baphomet and escalated the rate of destruction.
  • VaSCU A team of Occult police officers send from London who are investigating various clues left by careless kindred during masqurade breaches in the past.

Torpid, Missing or Dead

  • Dr Albert Hardy: Status: Missing. Was Prince/Hunter Green of Middlesbrough. Last seen being dragged (willingly or not is speculated) through a portal by what can only be described as a Fae like entity during one of the monthly Elysium gatherings. Whether he is still 'alive' or not is unsure, though some kindred of Middlesbrough think he may return or be returned as the case may be.
  • Giles Status: Missing. Loud mouthed but generally insultingly comedic Unaligned Nosferatu. Hasn't been seen or heard around the court in a long time.
  • Slug Status: Missing. possessed kleptomaniac Nosferatu. Shown up the once or twice then never again, was that enough to be considered a member of the court to begin with? Who knows.
  • Rolande Status: Missing. A complete unknown that seems to have taken possession of/been previously possessed by the Baron. Apparently of the Ordo Dracul. Said he was taking a leave of absence, not been heard from since.
  • Dr Eli Rebus: As promised he gave up the throne and departed with the Brood of Lillith. Some say he'll be missed, some say good riddance.


  • The city is cursed. this is why they have lost so many princes and faced so many threats to the city.
  • Getting a device to blow up building's can be found at any corner shop in the Boro.
  • Dr Rebus proved a man of his word and gave up the throne after the kindred went against Jarl Beogart. He's now disappeared, but some say he'll be back. Who knows?

OOC Details:

  • The Middlesbrough games run on the second Tuesday of the month.
  • They are held at Liberties in Middlesbrough, on Linthorpe Road.
  • Time-in starts at 7pm, but STs and GS officers are present from 6pm.
  • To contact the Middlesbrough officers, visit the forum or email the officers at moc.liamg|ssenkradnihguorbselddim#moc.liamg|ssenkradnihguorbselddim
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