Daniel Godric Grayson
Player Wayne
Character Daniel Godric Grayson
City Darlington
Position Prince
Clan Unknown
Covenant Invictus
Age upon Embrace Late 20s
Hometown Northampton


Tall, dark hair, blue eyes. Slim-athletic build. Classicly handsome (striking looks 2).
Well-dressed in a modern style. Polite, formal, although not necessarily friendly.


Very little is known about Grayson's background, although it is obvious upon meeting him that he values manners and tradition. It seems to be common knowledge that he has some occult abilities, and he has also shown significant proficiency in using modern technology to aid him in his research. Although not an obvious fighter, he also appears to be handy with a blade should the need arise.


Childe of Lady Alice Pendragon of the First Estate


None known


In spite of his modern, practical appearance, he seems a little bit mystical.
He's a bit of a sneaky bastard.
Has asked Lord Voss to become the Courts Archon, knowing that Lord Voss's brutal forms of punishment will be enough to keep order.
I heard he hasn't been in a single fight in his life, but he once talked an army out of invading his homeland using small talk, charm and bad jokes.
Has a growing collection of authentic WWII German Uniforms.
He isn’t of the ancestry he thinks he is, his line became curiously brunette in the late 18th century despite both parents being blonde.


Lord Dempsey
Prince Integra


None as such, although he wasn't keen on Felicity. She was an insolent, arrogant whelp. Oh well, she's dead now…. *smug face*

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