Morrigan Hutter
Player Heather C.
Character Morrigan Hutter
City Middlesbrough
Clan Nosferatu
Covenant Unaligned
Age upon Embrace 26
Occupation/Position Cleveland Police Officer
Hometown Middlesbrough
Status within the City Was Prince, now Torpored :P


Born and raised in the government housing sections of Middlesbrough, Hutter, as she was more commonly known, grew up used to the scum on the streets and the basic beat of the city. Growing up she dedicated her life to making the city a better place and joined the Cleveland Police department. The exact transaction that was her sireage is something she hasn't really disclosed in detail to anyone, other than that shes not very happy about it.

She was brash and competitive, but also talkative and open. If you could get past her uneasy appearance.


Due to some events her usually missing right eye back, gasp! The scars and teeth are still about though. In an attempt to be polite and sociable she wears as much as possible over her face. A medical eye patch, a mask or bandanna of some sort across the lower face. Sadly this doesn't help her much as the coverings make her look just as weird, if less gruesome, than if she hadn't bothered.


Original Character Concept Artwork: flickr:3028529069





Recent Events:

  • Attacked the Prince of Newcastle and in return was sealed in concrete. Oh noes! :P
  • Taken over Mr Gaadreel's task, erm.. whatever that was.
  • Must be a hard worker since she's got another promotion! This time from Seneshal to Prince.


  • Amodeous Von Carlson : Although usually 90% of the time yelling at him to not shoot everything in site, the other 10% they get along fine.
  • Clarisse : I'm shit at talking and shes very good at it, it works!
  • Arkady Danilovich : With similar points of view and attitudes, the two quickly formed a mutual respect for one another.
  • Sonniku : What the hell is that? What IS that? Ive seen some scary things in my time, but my g_d… Okay hes not that bad, just a bit irritating, but hes useful to the City and is actually a good laugh to be around.

Dead/Missing Allies: ;_;

  • Albert Johnson : -Kidnapped/Dead/??? Albert was taken by Vampire hunters, though Hutter still holds out he is still alive and being held captive by the Society of Leopold, any one puts forward ideas of otherwise… turncoat or dead, just gets a good yelling at or worse.
  • Adrian Tenebrook : -Dead Adrian was killed by Karl, its alright though the bastard paid for it eventually.
  • Ian Druss : -Dead Died defending his City of Durham, a good guy should be more missed than he is by most!
  • Cyrill : -Dead Also Died helping Durham out, fucking feral gangrel…
  • Michael Mcbrian -Dead… ANOTHER one dead by the feral gangrel of damned Durham…
  • Dominic -DEAD … oh FFS, we were going to get them hunters aswell… damn you gangrel!!


  • Bastard of a sire. >=(
  • Karl Braun : - Dead. Deserved it for Killing Adrian! And not sorting out them ferals before they massacred everyone.


  • Tries to rile up the other unaligned into action, an Anarch in the making?
  • Has been rumoured to be interested in joining the Lancea Sanctum?
  • Has been rumoured to be interested in joining the Invictus?
  • Has been rumoured to be interested in joining the Carthians?
  • Has been rumoured to rather face the sun then join a Covenant?
  • May not actually be a Nosferatu?
  • May know more than she lets on, the cluelessness could be an act?
  • Is said to be holding grudges against certain kindred for their attitudes towards the Unaligned?
  • Sleeps with a gun under her pillow and once accidentally fired a shot while sleeping, destroying a bedside lamp.
  • From nothing to Sheriff to Seneshal, going for Prince next maybe?
  • Hey that previous rumour was right, Oh Em Gee!
  • Is deranged.
  • Is a human/hunter sympathiser.
  • No Princes last long when she holds a position in court.
  • Is actually a disguised ventrue, using high levels of dominate to get herself prominant positions within the city.
  • Diablerised Gadreel after he tasted of the fruit of the tree of knowledge.
  • Is acually going to Join the Invictus?
  • Has been turned in to a sun dial which biips every hour like clockwork.
  • Is UNDEAD…. wait hang on

Quotes from or about Hutter:

"He seems alright, he brought presents." - Regarding AAA
"Anyone got a can of Raid?" - Regarding Fear Dorche.
"He called me Godzilla!!!" - Regarding Sonikku.
"Sneak Attack bitch!!" - Stab stab stab D:

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