Mr Wolfe

Title: The Sheriff of Darlington, Mabs Enforcer
Species: Werewolf

'Mr Wolfe' is a werewolf, hes a towering scarred bruiser that ensures that Mabs edicts are followed by those within her territory, apparently Mab has a treaty with the local pack that requires them to provide her with one of their own to serve her although Wolf is silent as to what exactly the werewolves recieve from their end of the bargain.
Apparently the title Mr Wolf is Mabs idea of a jest handed down to each werewolf to serve her but the name stuck, he seems unwilling to share his real identity with kindred although he has apparently shared a first name with a few people over the years.


  • Mr Wolf's pack was destroyed by some kind of spider menace, hes now the last Mr Wolf.
  • When Mab lets Wolfe off his leash most sane kindred lock themselves in their havens and hope that he is not sent against them.
  • Mr Wolf was kidnapped by unidentified assailants, he was recovered but not before he was experimented on.
  • Mabs enemies have a habit of having their havens destroyed during the day, one assumes that the wolves are to blame.
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