Nephira al-A'aat

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Player NPC
Character Nephira al-A'aat
Concept Wandering Demon-Hunter
City Newcastle
Sire (Brother Vincent?)/Mr Rook
Known Childer Alexander Gideon
Clan Mekhet
Bloodline Khaibit/Kuufukuji
Covenant Black Friars/Unaligned
Born 1927
Embraced 1946
City Status Blood Hunted/None

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Currently Known:

The two versions of Nephira al-A'aat first appeared to the Kindred of North East at the March gathering in Durham. One of these versions was born and Embraced in this world, and has spent her unlife as a nomadic demon-slayer, moving from city to city in the eternal quest to rid the night of monsters worse than the Kindred. The true measure of her power is unknown, but her Childe Alexander Gideon (both exiled and this world's versions of him) makes no secret of the sense of awe and slight fear with which he regards her. Her single-minded devotion to the study and destruction of the ancient enemies seems to lend her a genuine degree of happiness and peace with her role in the world, as a predator above other predators. It is also believed that this world's version of Nephira and Gideon are lovers.

The other Nephira al-A'aat can be tentatively counted among the exiles. It seems she was in torpor at the time when the exiles' home-dimension was destroyed by the Jarl, but her soul was pulled across the Well of Worlds and installed in a new body by the Black Friars, to whom she now appears to be loyal. This version of Nephira arrived to deliver a message to the Kindred of Durham from the Black Friars, but was immediately asked to leave the Court as a Blood Hunt had been declared upon that entire group. Afterwards she met with her Childe again, though she appeared to have no memory of her last encounter with him in the world from which the exiles came. He was later heard to have stated that she was living with "two sets of memories", one of which may have been fabricated by the Black Friars. Suffice to say that her status as a member of that particular offshoot of the Sanctified is a source of torment for Gideon, since it sets him firmly at odds with her. It doesn't take an enormous amount of empathy to realise that Nephira's Childe cares very deeply for her, but she has never been one to switch loyalties based on personal feelings. One way or another, all of her knowledge, strength and experience are firmly aligned against the Kindred of the North East.

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Quotes From/About:

  • "Had it been allowed I would have gladly taken that bitch's head." - Gabriella Ito
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