Prince Gaius

The Prince of the Isles

Prince Gaius is the Prince of Westminister, the most powerful region of kindred in the United Kingdom. Therefore, this leads Prince Gaius to be the most influencial and powerful kindred in the country and, therefore, revered or fear by all kindred in the UK.

Views on the Jarl and the Apocolypse

It is appearent that Prince Gaius know's about the rise of the Jarl coming, but his concern's and action's to combat the threat is completely unknown. He may have a plan, he maybe just ignoring the entire thing, however, with the current trouble's he is having with the North East, his intension's are a mystery.

Bloodhunt on the Region of the North East!

During the ritual to banish AAA for good, Gaius's aide to the north east, Mr Heller, perished in order for the ritual to be complete. Also, a diplomat from Westminister perished in a train explosion, the cause of the explosion is unknown. Finally, a second diplomat was murdered in the court as she threatened the court with annihilation. Due to these three members of Westminister court have died in the North East's domain, Prince Gaius has declared a Bloodhunt and ALL kindred that where present in the court that night. Gaius's list includes everyone that signed to get into the court that night, as it was westminister that organised the Elysium that night.

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