Prince Wodenson

Title: Prince Of Newcastle
Covenant: Invictus
Clan: Ventrue


Prince Wodenson is an ancient kindred of immense power who came to the British Isle on a Viking longboat some time during the dark ages. Whilst he maintained the mindset of a warrior he kept up to date and was a successful businessman owning many companies throughout the North East.
Whilst often absent from court he was a strong leader and had little tolerance for troublemakers. He fought a bloody war for possession of his city and having disposed of the dragon that plagued Newcastle for a decade and driven the Black Friars to virtual extinction he turned his attentions to rebuilding the domain.
However the black friars were not destroyed and they loosed the Unreal on the city forcing him to sacrifice himself to close the gateway they were using to enter this reality, Wodenson chose to summon Corvus in an attempt to destroy him before closing the gateway but he was possessed by the foul demon who pierced his heart with his feathers and forced the court to stake their own Prince.

Tonight Prince wodenson sits impaled upon a throne deep under Newcastle to keep the doors to the unreal firmly closed… OR does he?


  • It is said that Wodenson’s first name might be Finn.
  • The Princes brother, Iya, was a Viking bard who died after abandoning his post on the throne under the city.
  • The Prince shall sit upon the throne until the end of days when the gate to unreality shall be thrown open and the world dissolve into the void.
  • Despite concreting him in after the death of the Ratling Corvus, The Prince is missing from his throne.
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