Professor Nathaniel Olsen

Title: Professor
Covenant: Unaligned
Clan: Daeva
In life a historian and mythology professor at middlesbrough University Professor Olsen was only embraced a few years ago and still keeps a tenuous link to his mortal life running night classes in the dark winter months.

Ties of Blood

Information known to the Daeva Clan.

Nathaniel may be of the blood but he has never publicly revealed the identity of his sire so his line and lineage remain mostly unknown. Perhaps he simply does not know his sires identity or chooses not to reveal it for some reason or other.

  • The professor spends the summer months doing one to one 'tuition' from home, his students are all young girls just goes to show he may be a bookworm but hes still Daeva.
  • Nathaniel is a charming gentleman and an inspired speaker… far more charming that nature ever intended. He is obviously skilled in the subtle arts of attraction.

Ties of Belief.

Information commonly known to all who have met him.

Professor Olsen has yet to declare himself for any particular covenant or association, this may well be because he is still young by kindred terms or he may just not have found any one group that he agrees with as yet.

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