Lady Requiem
Player Frankie
Character Lady 'Requiem' Cronqvist - aka 'Elenore Augsburg' in her mortal present-day identity
City Durham
Clan Mekhet
Covenant Ordo Dracul
Age upon embrace 24
Occupation/Position Aristocrat; Senior Partner and Researcher in RoseCorp- a biomedical company specializing in haematology and bio-engineering.
Hometown Lancaster/Durham/București
Status within the city Resident
Status: Covenant Initiate of the Burning Terror, Apprentice of The Dying Light

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Despite her modest height of 5'6, Requiem manages to make her presence known in a crowd due to her striking and exotic looks. Pale, white blonde hair which falls to the small of her back and light golden-brown eyes, close to the colour of a wolf's, frame porcelein-fair skin. And then there are the tattoos which cover large parts of her body, especially her back and arms. The most obvious of these tattoos, all of which are occult in nature, is an inverted cross which descends down from her right eye over her cheek.

Regarding her style, you cannot trust first appearances with Requiem. Her style depends upon which identity she is showing. As Elenore Augsburg, she is a stylish and sophisticated business-woman clad in expensive, tailored suits with a vintage edge. No sign of her tattoos are visible. Her unusually coloured eyes are disguised with blue-grey contact lenses.

As 'Requiem' however, a very different woman is presented. Her style becomes very 'Elegant Gothic Aristocrat', resplendant with androgynous frock coats, flouncy shirts, cravats and tight-laced corsetry, or long, flowing gowns. Her tattoos and wolf-like amber eyes are revealed, and her hair is often caught up and hidden beneath hair falls, often thick black and electric blue curls or lilac and silvery-white braids. While on a night out, one might catch the glimpse of fake fang. All in all, a look that one would expect from a young, 'stereotypical, Lestat-wanna-be' vampire. Which is not what Requiem is.



Whilst being extremely proud of her heritage as a member of a very old Ordo Dracul family, Requiem is not one to flaunt it either to just anyone. Thus in part her reasons for not using her full name except in very select company.


Requiem is not known to have Sired any Childer.

Recent Events

Recently Requiem has made the decision to take up a secondary UK residence in the city of Durham, for a number of reasons, such as expanding the horizons of RoseCorp, amongst others.

Requiem has also recently raised her status within The Ordo Dracul, becoming a Sworn of The Dying Light.


  • I hear that Requiem was the muse for no less than three of Pat Mill's characters in his graphic novel series "Requiem Chevalier Vampire", illustrated by Olivier Ledroite, including the title character - who also bears Requiem's striking facial tattoo…
  • Her family's history is said to have partially inspired some of the characters in Konami's popular "Castlevania" series of video-games…
  • The Japanese Visual-Kei band "Versailles ~Philharmonic Quintet~" are actually sponsored by RoseCorp and could actually be themselves vampires. In their "Ascendead Master" music video and its' accompanying trilogy of short films, the band are members of a company called 'Descendants of The Rose" aka "DescendantCorp". Also, Requiem is a known metal lover…
  • Apparently in 1958 there was almost a second Civil War between the kindred of York and Lancaster, because both princes were besotted with Requiem.
  • She is really a member of the Invictus posing as Ordo, undermining actions at any turn and lying about her rank.


Any publically known allies of Requiem are not yet known, mostly due to her quiet presence in the NE courts, with Lancaster being her primary residence. However, her allies at present stand to be:

  • Lord Cronqvist of the Ordo Dracul - Requiem's father and Sire
  • Lord "Thurim", Sworn of The Axe of the Ordo Dracul - Requiem's brother
  • Vincent Walsh - Requiem's ghoul and personal retainer. Bears a striking resemblance to Thurim.
  • Alex Knight - Requiem's first point of contact within the courts of the North East. Now dead.
  • Lucy-Ann Tyler - Despite her at times somewhat reckless and youthful behaviour, Requiem can't help but like this young Kindred. Now dead- executed for treason.


  • Yeron Hara - fluffy techno-savvy Gangrel of the Crone


  • Cassandra. Now dead.


  • Johan van Straud - Requiem's successor in Leadership of The Ordo Dracul in the NE after she stepped down. Persistant thorn in her side for whom she developed an odd respect for. Now dead.

Quotes from or about Requiem

None yet known.


Versailles Philharmonic Quintet's "Ascendead Master" and "Aristocrat's Symphony"; D's "Der Konig der Dunkelheit":

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