Ritual Of The Future

Dr Marius's Future

in their dimension they had not got the ritual to work.
they defeated the Jarl but the fight they had broke the Masquerade and the people started hunting first the lupines then us. many did not survive the house to house searches.

they chose the option to fight.
our 3 options: fight, remake the deal with the fae that binds the Jarl, lastly find and make work the 5 parts of a ritual (each held in by 5 Supernatural breeds) .
this last one they did not do as it was to difficult.

our choice in this is do we make the deal and hope those in the future can defeat the Jarl.
do we fight and then get hunted like animals after.
or do we find the parts and fix this problem for good

Alex Knight's Future

I could not Find any Notes on what was said By Future Alex Knight, can some one who heard please post them here, Thank you ~ Ezekiel Vertiline

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