Ritual Of The Past

in the 4th Century AD a young Scandinavian called Beogart was born and lived amongst a tribe which was at war with it's neighbors To the Beogart clan was born a young boy who despite never knowing who his father was grew up to be more or less unremarkable

However it was discovered that he was the 'son of the north wind' and when the witch told him this they told him that we would be the wolf of Salt and Snow, The Fenric wolf that would bring the fimbulwinter and that he was truly cursed. He was betrayed by his own family who made him an outcast

SO he traveled south as a mercenary till he came across Constantinople He switched from fighting from the Huns to fighting for Constantinople He was rewarded for his prowess with the embrace by a Ventrue where he served as a warrior for the invictus court He was the head of the Varangian Guard
Until his return to Norway at the tern of the new Millennium however during this time He learned the Arts of Domination and Animalism to unsurpassed levels.

His return saw him quickly far in with Harold Hardrada and his assistance in Harolds rise to power was met with the title of Jarl About this time Wodenson was embraced The invasion of England did not go so well however as The Jarl slept during the battle of Stamford bridge. And this led to the Jarls allies being eradicated

He however did not let Northumbria and the environs fall and kept on fighting to put his puppet into place as the earl this led to his first real conflict with another vampire, Odo. And it wasn't until 1075 when Odo's puppet took the role of Prince Bishop and Odo was granted all of Durham under the overlordship of the Jarl that the conflict ended. In this time Middlesbrough was barely worth mentioning and Wodenson was installed as the Sensechal of Newcastle.

In 1203 Constantinople was sacked and the Jarl felt that the cradle of civilization had fallen this took a deep blow on his psyche when his sires death cries reached far to him and he remembered the old encounter with the which talked of him being born of the Fenric wolf. He he remembered the words of the Muspilli and citing them as his new mantra went to war with creation

when he used his awesome power to force the Scots to rebel, and the English to respond, the Generals knew that the Jarl has lost his mind and they began to look into a way to stop the ancient vampire.

They began looking for weapons and came across the fae who told them they could bind him, but he would need to be weakened 1st so they had Andremelach transport him to the place where he was weakest and the Generals and the young Brother Dominic fought him with the weapons of Uruk
they bound him and there he remained However this would not banish him forever and Dominic and Lillith bandied together to prevent his return and create a ritual which would permanently stop him
they knew they might not live to see the return and bound the path into the magic of the Tarot cards and hid the weapons of Uruk

However neither Lillith nor the Blackfriars could take part in stopping the return as such was the deal
so they took on the roles of guides however they fell out with Wodenson and Odo over how best to do it and thus the civil war began

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