Ritual Of The Present

Ghost: Balthazar Black

  • Jarls Escape is Inevitable
  • There is a small window between him freeing himself and him gaining his full power
  • Spirit world is being wracked / Gods are fighting to free the Jarl early, possibly 2 months
  • Gods are annoyed that they are being ignored, we NEED to appease them
  • Aresheresh: Ereshkigal and Inyana, The 2 Harpies (Fae?) are the main culprits?
  • It should be around a year before The Jarl is Free (October, November 2010)
  • While he is Weak (The Small Window) he can be attacked physically
  • If he attains full power we are screwed
  • Possibly kill him when he is weak, but lots of people will die that way.
  • The Window length is only going to be around an hour.
  • Our Choices
  1. Fight Him and Die
  2. Fight him when weak, Lots of people die, Jarl may die
  3. Redo what Odo and Wodenson Did (Bind the Jarl with help from Fae?), and leave for the futures problem
  4. Find the Ritual that the 4 Generals were working on to fully destroy The Jarl once and for all.
  • The 4 Generals
  1. Bishop Odo of Durham
  2. Prince Wodenson of Newcastle
  3. The Original Hunter Green of Middleborough
  4. Unknown (Later revealed to be Woad) Looking for more Information on him.
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