Player NPC
Character Robin
City middlesbrough
Clan Nosferatu
Covenant Circle of the crone
Age upon Embrace ??
Occupation/Position None
Hometown ???
Status within the City None



Robin appeared in the city of Middlesbrough whilst the kindred were investigating Rolf, he was found torpored within the sewers. He was rescued by the –at the time- prince Clarice, but she died mere days after his rescue, and he was forgotten, left to fend for himself and figure things out from there.

Since those days he has carved out a home for himself in middlesbrough amongst businesses and even got himself a group of followers. He does not care much for attending court.





Recent Events:

• Is taking part in a long term grudge war with Rolf over territory.
• Came to an agreement with the court of middlesbrough that he would cause them no trouble if they caused him and his people none in return.


*Rolf is his brother, it’s all just sibling rivalry!

Quotes from or about Robin:

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