Player NPC
Character Rolf
City Middlesbrough
Clan Nosferatu
Covenant None
Age upon Embrace ??
Occupation/Position Ruler of the sewers
Hometown ???
Status within the City None



Rolf aka The Sewer King of Middlesbrough appeared to the court one day making demands that the court would no longer trespass upon his domain.
Not only have many princes of Middlesbrough acknowledged his sovereignty of the sewers but he was even acknowledged by the Jarl when he visited the city, whether he recognized him as a true prince of a domain or just as a kindred within the city, that is unknown. He also has made pacts in the past with the middlesbrough court to secure feeding rights upon the cities populace.


He is usually covered in black rags and clearly cares little for his appearance. You can always tell when Rolf is in the area as the air itself smells so bad that he must have trouble keeping himself hidden.




He has many kindred children throughout his sewer domain.

Recent Events:

• Is taking part in a long term grudge war with Robin over territory.
• Is known for communicating with the Middlesbrough court through use of a rat known as Chip.


*Robin is his brother, it’s all just sibling rivalry!

Quotes from or about Rolf:

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