Sir Nicholas DeSoulis

Player Andrew W
Character Sir Nicholas DeSoulis Earl-Provost of Dunbar
City Darlington
Clan Daeva
Covenant Lancea Sanctum
Age Upon Embrace Made a Ghoul at 28, Embraced whilst still a Ghoul
Occupation/Position Private Investigator/Inquisitor
Home Town Newcastle
City Status None (Provisional Bishop)
Status Dead


Born in Liddesdale 1198, the place that would become the bloodiest Valley in Britain, Nicholas DeSoulis the Lord of Liddesdale and Earl-Provost of Dunbar. His life was typical of a Knight of that period. He was trained in the liberal arts, theology and war. DeSoulis was a very capable knight. He excelled and his political ambitions grew under the tutelage of his friend and mentor Brother Arnulf Normande and alongside his close friend, King Alexander II of Scotland. His friend and liege arranged his marriage in 1224 to Annora de Normanville

At the request of a Ventrue Invictus, Sir Nicholas’ personal physician had been feeding him a monthly tonic to keep him in the peak of health. This tonic was a mote of Vitae and kept DeSoulis young and spritely.

His youthful vigour allowed him to fight and survive long enough to clutch victory when defeat should have taken him, argue more forcibly his point when he normally should not be so able and age did not slow him in courts when assassins and poisoners tried.

However at a crucial moment, his regnant was unable to use him to prevent his own demise and shortly perished. Without the tonic, the blood cravings emerged while he was neatly at court, and nearly consumed him. To stem the cravings DeSoulis descended into withdrawal. It was here that he came to the notice of a beautiful young lady who took an interest in the powerful DeSoulis. She embraced him, then after rudimentary training left him.

DeSoulis then completely vanished from the records until His torpor was interrupted by a group of his own kind, The group was headed by his old friend and mentor, Arnulf Normande, of Cardinal Arnulf as he was in this life. Under Arnulfs instruction the Kindred crusaders brought him to their chapter house and taught him of their ways, the ways of the Lancea Sanctum. Listening to them he heard of the origin of his kind, and more fully their powers. They taught him how to use consciously the full depth of the instinctive abilities he had up until now been using. They taught him about the belief of the Lancea. They told him that they were monsters. His damnation had long been sealed, but this was his gift and curse. He knew at once that it was his punishment for his early transgressions, but also his divinely mandated role. This role was that of the monster in the dark. Something within this clicked for him and for the briefest of moments, he was truly at peace within his role in the universe.

Arnulf was amazed at DeSoulis’ long journey and the fact he had survived so long without meeting his end at the hands of hunters, the sun, other supernatural entities or even and most acutely his own kind. Over his next 20 years of training and practice of the rituals of the Lancea, He picked up the basics of Theban sorcery, however his fear of his earlier traffic with demons impeded his study until he reconciled that the damnation in his past was merely the foreshadowing of his future.

Following the dictates of his friend and superior, DeSoulis went out to the new world with colonists, feeding on the many ship-born rats, and the occasional colonist, he made it to the new world. For the next 150 years he travelled the old & new worlds as a reminder of the terrors that of the old world, hunting down the unrighteous and terrorising them to the road of righteousness. However he worked on two levels, He was the guardian of the fold and the monster amongst it. The Black Shuck of legend. He was the terrifying and monstrous guide through the darkness. He reasoned that it was already too late for the dead to be saved so he would keep them alive at least long enough to have a chance at redemption.
As fascism and evil emerged in Europe, he flocked to join the masses wishing to go and help avert the growing monstrosity. He found his works hampered by a new age. He was in Germany at the time of the firebombing. He was wounded and went to ground. He found himself trapped under collapsed buildings until renovation works 10 years ago freed him into a world more alien then any before. The new age had dawned. He found the Lancea and they ushered him into the new age over the next ten years, he set up as a private detective in the US. Delving into the vice and corruption of others was simply his old job with new tools. He was at peace with his role and realised that he was a monster, but that his monstrosity was not all there was to the requiem or the Lancea.

The Church was failing and fading. People had begun to lose their way. People feared and hated the hypocrisy of the Church. The Church was toothless. He had emerged into a truly new age. However he had once been the Lord during times of hardship and trouble and brought in a new age of prosperity by the way he had changed himself and his role to be the new lord that time demanded. DeSoulis would become a new kind of Lancea to bring in a new age of the Lancea. His torpored dreams told him that he must return home and the recently reawakened Arnulf agreed. To guide the lost, under formed and divided covenant. He has a lot of work ahead of him, including putting his own covenant in order before it can begin to move forward.


DeSoulis was of average height, build and appearance. He dressed in a slightly shabby non-descript manner. He had a warm smile and eyes which betray age, pain and concern.


DeSoulis knew his Daeva sire for less than a week, he made very little contact with his own kind until he was rescued from Torpor by the Lancea who were called to him through the dreams permeating his little death.


DeSoulis believes that the embrace is to be left for one who needs a chance at a place in god’s creation but is beyond redemption.

Recent Events

He died at the End of the world. ( I cant remember the details D: )


  • I hear DeSoulis is actually an Inquisitor of the Lancea.
  • They say he is nearly as old as Odo or Wodenson.
  • I fear he DeSoulis has designs upon the throne.
  • That his past is far, far darker then he lets on.
  • That although he claims to be a Deava this is not true.
  • He came to Newcastle to strengthen the Sanctified position in the city.
  • Apparently Nicholas is quite the food conoisseur. Every insect he uses for the Liar's Plague is chosen for its meatiness and is seasoned with a blend of Tarragon and Rosemary to bring out that perfect flavour.
  • There is a rumour that DeSoulis never existed and he is mearly a creation of Ambrose… another says that we are all AAA's delusion.





Quotes from or about Nicholas:

  • “A new kind of age needs a new kind of shepherd.”
  • "That which does not kill us, makes us stronger and that which kills us sends us to god."

Casting Call

Rufus Sewell (Count Ademar in a knights tale) was partially the inspiration for this character

Theme Tune

Temple of love - Sisters of Mercy

This Corrosion - Sisters of Mercy

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