Player Gemz
Character Sophie-Ann Greystoke
Clan Nosferatu
Covenant Circle of the Crone
Age upon Embrace 25
Occupation/Position Graphic Designer
Hometown London
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Sophie-Ann was born in 1871, the daughter of a wealthy London businessman and his peerage wife who groomed her to be a respectable young lady of society which bored Sophie-Ann to no end. She spent most of her early twenties breaking engagements and young men’s hearts. She met Lord Voss during an unsolicited excursion to a back-alley theatre with one of her young male friends and quickly became embroiled in his cult of the Bloodied Hand. After proving herself to be a most loyal and pro-active follower, Lord Voss chose Sophie-Ann to become his childe after successfully gaining permission to sire from the ruling Prince of the Capital.

After the cult began to die down in London, Sophie-Ann accompanied her sire to his next destination and aided him in restarting the cult. She stayed with him until 1980 when Lord Voss released her, allowing her to travel where she pleased and do as she wished. The two kept in regular contact, but have not seen each other in 31 years.

Sophie-Ann travelled Europe for a time, visiting France, Italy and Germany. She studied languages and the arts, fulfilling her creative aspirations. She returned to England 5 years ago and briefly served as Archon in the court of Leicester before moving north to Glasgow. During her time away, she continued to spread Lord Voss's teachings and recruited more followers into his cult.

After the rise of the Jarl, King Beogart’s demand that all Kindred worship him pushed Sophie-Ann into considering leaving the British Isles altogether in order to continue practicing her faith. After many letters between herself and Lord Voss, he convinced her to come to the North East as the region had been given special dispensation from Westminster to continue as it had before the accession of King Beogart, which included the freedom to continue practicing one’s own faith. Sophie-Ann agreed, happy to be reunited with the sire once again.

Sophie-Ann is artistic and intelligent. She is also very capable in a fight, having been taught by Lord Voss himself. She is very strong in her beliefs and fiercely loyal and protective of her sire to the point to being willing to meet the true death for him. She is also hot-headed, meaning she can fly-off the handle from time to time.

Sophie-Ann works as a freelance graphic designer.


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