St Cuthbert S Church

Called the Lady of the North by the locals St Cuthberts Church was originally built in 1180 over the ruins of an earlier religious site. During its refurbishment in the 19th century over 300 skulls were discovered buried under the floor of the knave.
The original Sanctified settlers of Darlington are supposed to have had a direct influence in the construction of the church and they constructed a series of hidden crypt vaults underneath the building to keep themselves safe during the day.
Although the original settlers were killed long ago their hidden vaults continued to be of regular use by the kindred of the city and Queen mab declared the place an Eylsium (although she is believed to have intentionally defaced and destroyed much of the sanctified statuary and relics within)
In 2010 the church was attacked and badly burned trapping many of the local kindred inside, they escaped using a previously hidden escape tunnel but the floor of the church collapsed revealing the elysiums location to the mortal population.
After the fire Julia's Bureau masquerading as the Stead Trust paid for the repair of the building and conducted a detailed archeological investigation on the newly discovered areas of the church and are believed to have removed several important Sanctified relics that had previously been hidden inside.

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