the ballot box

What is a Ballot Box?

A democratic election require's vote's, the best place to conserve the voter's anonymity. One was used for the election, as requested by the will of Edith Fitzroy, to decide the prince of Middlesbrough court. As fighting ensued when unexpected canidate's showed up and wanting the role and, therefore, the result's of the election where never found out. Since the attack on the Elysium, did the box ever got found? What where the results?

What's so interesting about this specific ballot box?

  • It's a cursed artifact which has an aura that makes kindred very angry and causes them to fight just in it's presence.
  • It's the Carthian's "Secret Weapon".
  • It has the power to bring people back from the dead, if you put the candidate as someone who you wish to raise from death.
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