The Coma King
  • A Creature that was recently Summoned to this realm, In Newcastle, Throne Room
  • Has the Power to Control people in Deep Sleeps or are near Death, or in Coma's and use them to his own needs
  • Has been Targeting Kindred who have Slept in Torpor, as their minds have been weakened by the experience and has been ripping memory's from the mind
  • When he was summoned, he took Possession of Ezekiel Vertiline and put a mental block in his mind to stop him talking about it. He was able to manipulate him while he was in the Astral Realm
  • The only time he used Ezekiel so far, was when The Nightmare Spinner in Darlington was attempting to attack the Court, he took control of Ezekiel and demanded that The Spider leave the place and leave them alone. The Spider did.
  • is believed to be from the Unreal
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