The Darlo Crew

The 'DC' or Darlo Crew as they call themselves are a group of young neonate kindred apparently all recently embraced. Its general knowledge that their so called leader 'Daz' was embraced by a Daeva who called himself Charles.
Apparently left on his own by this Charles Daz embraced his closest friends in the gang and then they in turn embraced their mates until most of their gang became kindred albeit kindred with only the smallest fragment of knowledge about what they are.

Rumors Myths & Outright Lies

  • They are all blood addicts, all of them are bloodbound to each other and too dumb to know the dangers of addiction!
  • Mab forbid them to embrace any more of their friends but they may be ignoring her edict.
  • Desoulis tricked them into attacking the city by claiming he spoke on Mabs authority.
  • Charles is a Daeva mastermind attempting to breed footsoldiers for a bloody rebellion!
  • They always seem to be short 20p to get to Shildon to visit their dying auntie.
  • One of them, a girl called "Chezza", resents Daz's embrace as it interfered with her long-term goal of getting pregnant, renting a council house and living off the taxpayer.
  • Daz has wondered if he can claim Child Benefit for his childer but has never asked.
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