The Nightmare Spinner / The Sky Spider

A giant spider creature that has recently come to inhabit the area, the Nightmare spinner or Childeater seems to be able to break itself up into thousands of smaller spiders to work on some vast web construction that seems to be forming a bridge between the physical world and the astral realm where the giant monster seems to have built its home.

  • When killed the individual smaller spiders become horribly deformed human babies that scream until destroyed.
  • The Spider seems to be a part of werewolf mythology, Mr Wolfs pack may have been attempting to stop her return.
  • Some sort of Spider Spirit or Demon
  • Takes on numerouse forms, it primary being a Huge Spider, very powerful and strong, to splitting its self into smaller spider presumably used for searching a large area.
  • Is able to move from This realm to the Astral Realm with ease
  • Its venom induces Necrosis and Decay in large amounts
  • Has all but completely wiped out the Werewolf Pack of Darlington
  • When one of the smaller Spiders was destroyed it transformed into a resemblance of a Human Child, which is clearly dead, but still screaming
  • Has ripped a hole in the Astral Realm to this realm in the forests of Darlington and Constructed a Giant Tower of web over it in the Astral Realm
  • this hole can be used for travel between the two realms
  • The Spider used to be the Sky Spider, a Spider of Dreams
  • she was feared and worshiped by the First Humans
  • The Humans eventually wanted their own control of their dreams and tried to take her power
  • They destroyed her many Children but were unable to destroy her
  • She was driven Mad with grief and is now inciting revenge on all Humans, a revenge that will not be finished until every last human is dead.
  • A Few Kindred attempted to reason with her recently, and she talked to them for a while, but she grew impatient and angry, and attacked them.
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