The Seven Epitomes
  • These are Seven Kindred who seek out Immortality and God-Hood
  • They are all supposed to represent the 7 Deadly sins taken from Catholicism
  • Wrath - None (Was Pandar, he was Killed)
  • Greed - None
  • Sloth - None
  • Pride - Name Unknown / Kindred Who has High levels of Majesty
  • Lust - Name Unknown / Extremely Beautiful Woman, has the ability to rip a doorway into 'Hell', presumably other realms as well, used as transportation.
  • Envy - Gabriella Ito / Former Prince of Newcastle, Skilled Swords woman, supposedly Mad
  • Gluttony - Name Unknown / Very Obese Man, a Maw full or Razor Teeth, Able to swallow a person whole devouring them and their Soul.
  • Wrath, Lust, Envy and Gluttony were witnessed destroying Damhan Allaidh, and did so with extreme ease.
  • They were seeking Damhan Allaidh's knowledge on how to create Phylactery's/Soul Stones so they can live forever
  • They intend to find Damhan Allaidh's Phylactery and continue to destroy him and let him reform to destroy him again until he tells them what they want to know.
  • Seven Minor Demons have decided to become the Embodiment of each Deadly Sin
  • Each has their Own Epitome to act as their Voice in the Mortal Realm, Each Epitome has been empowered with super charged skills that reflect their Sin
  • The Seven Demons are all working under a Arch Demon who's Name is Unknown at this time.
  • They are offering the Kindred of the North East aid in the Battle against the Jarl, Since the Demon Prince Andremelach has been returned to hell they offer the services of the Arch Demon to take his place in fighting the Jarl along with the 7 Supercharged Kindred to distract the Jarl while we Perform the Ritual
  • In return for this, each Epitome will ask for something just to put you in touch with the Arch Demon, and then the Arch Demon will want the Large Tome of Demon Summoning so we don't have access to it amongst other things
  • They are also looking to fill in the missing Epitomes, that are either missing or killed. so far Sloth, Wrath and Greed are missing.
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