The Shadow Empire


The Shadow Empire was created during the last years of World War II by the Paranormal Division of The SS who were fully aware of the existence of Kindred and the other super-naturals that inhabited the mortal world, The High Command of which only a few officers knew of the Paranormal Divisions existence saw these Kindred as a perfect weapon to fight against the allied forces that were closing in around Fortress Europe.

Colonel Max Von Roht was one of these Kindred that was tasked with carrying research into creating an army of Ghoul super soldiers, each of these mean were augmented with the Vitae of a Kindred and taught specific disciplines to assist them in their work for the Third Reich, when the inevitable defeat approached, The Shadow Empire or The Schwarze Reich which literally means, The Black Empire, but roughly translated into English came out as The Shadow Empire…

Each of The Shadow Empires operatives, Colonel Max Von Roht and several other key Kindred Officers were sent out across the world and instructed to infiltrate areas of society where they could manipulate the populace from behind the scenes, from the shadows. from behind the veil…

Colonel Max Von Roht spent around fifty years locating the perfect place to start up his operation, The North East of England was ripe for the taking, its Kindred Society had grown stagnant over the years and would not expect a Nazi Colonel to take over the region for the glory of his Masters in Berlin, The Shadow Empires Propaganda machine worked perfectly, many Kindred were willing to accept that Colonel Max had changed and that he sought to work for the better of the Region, choosing to ignore the fact that he still wore his uniform, still paraded banners like it was Nuremberg again…

His first attempt almost failed however as Colonel Max did not bank on the strength of Queen Mab or the ability of those who could read minds, a fake Bomber was sent into the city in an attempt to frame a Kindred known as Vince who was weak willed and served no purpose in Max's schemes and so was a viable scapegoat, a suitable sacrifice for the glory of the Schwarze Reich! if it were not for the efforts of Johan who later became blood bound to Queen Mab, Max may well have been destroyed by Queen Mab, but instead decided that he showed the will and the strength to rule while the others of her court did not… This played perfectly into Max's Hands…

The Shadow Empires ultimate goal for the Region was its complete subjugation under the Jackboot of Colonel Max Von Roht, with the Assistance of Dr Johan Von Straud and Mr Graevan both former associates of Colonel Max during the Occupation of France in WWII, The Imperial Propaganda Machine worked perfectly, with Johan being seen as the real threat and allowing Max to work freely on his creations without interference from troublesome Kindred…


Recent Events

- Colonel Max Von Roht went a bit mad, thought he was back in WW2, had to be 'retired from princeship' for his own good.






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