The Society Of Leopold

The Society of Leopold


The society of Leopold are a faction of vampire hunters, old and powerful. According to research they were originally formed in the 1800’s and have been hunting vampires ever since. They seem to attack and focus on vampires primarily.
They work by using widespread resistance cells, making it very hard to track down multiple groups to try and stem the problem.
Although most of the time they aim to kill, they have been known to kidnap/capture kindred, though for what means?
As an intelligent group they focus a lot on trying to ‘even the scales’ using technology and skill they create powerful weapons based on incendiary devices to utter destroy kindred.
When one has been captured alive the members of the society have proven to be fanatical, committing suicide through various means such as cyanide tooth implants to avoid giving away any information.
Their main numbers seem to be made up from the hopeless. They pick up the homeless, the drug addicted, and the lost and give them a purpose and place within their order.
They must have access to some brilliant trainers and specialist equipment, as the members are usually ruthless and committed, as well as good aims and well trained soldiers.
In the past when kindred have tried to use equipment made by the society it has been at their own demise. Their technology seems designed to react to the presence of kindred to cause them harm.

In short: The Society of Leopold is a serious threat to kindred kind. They are purely dedicated to their cause, the utter extinction of all vampires.



  • The society of Leopold are hundreds of years old, so it must be really strong.
  • They steal away kindred and use them in horrific experiments to further their technological advances.
  • When they capture kindred they abuse their blood to gain their powers.
  • Although they are said to work in resistance cells, there must be some way they communicate. I heard they have huge meetings every 100 years!
  • They are hunters just like any other. They are just highly religious extremist Roman Catholics.
  • Apparently they find and threaten mortals close to recently turned kindred.
  • As I understand the society, they are efficient in keeping their foot soldiers separate from their intelligence.
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