The Taskforce

The Durham Special Operations Taskforce (DSOTF) is a regional police unit that appears to have breached the Masquerade. Taskforce officers have repeatedly confronted the local kindred and at first seemed to wish them to simply curb their excesses, but now appears to have some other agenda.

The unit is lead by Detective Superintendant Carter who has been linked to the former Prince Bishop Odo who is currently in torpor and so unable to either confirm or deny that Carter may once have been his ghoul.

DSI Carter is in possession of research information belonging to Ordo Dracul heretic Dr Sawney which he claims was stolen from him.

Among the information stolen was the formula for 'Dust' an amphetamine based drug that contains kindred Vitae and acts as a psychic booster enabling mortals to connect to each other and sense the location of kindred within their range.
By linking mortal 'nodes' Carter and his team have been able to create a network of psychic kindred detectors and use them to locate kindred targets with some degree of accuracy.

This explains how Carter has been able to repeatedly find the Durham court no matter where they have held their meetings.

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