Excerpted from report of autopsy performed by Alexander Gideon:

Examining the outside of the body, there are a few apparent things. The man is very heavily built, even despite the growth in size. The ‘wolf-pelt’ if it can be really be called that is much like the hair on his head, just thicker and matted, but exceptionally mangy and patchy, barely covering 10% of his actual body. It comes off in clumps in the hand. His body is in excellent shape. His knuckles show signs of excessive and long term bruising. His left arm shows no sign of a BCG scar (dating him pre 1956). His nose has been broken repeatedly and his ears have suffered excessive damage. In short, in real life this man had been a boxer.

The lupine aspects are large claws and teeth which seem unusually rotten. He has also numerous welts, cuts scars and tears on his body. These do not look anything like animal claw marks. If anything, these look like whip and burn marks. His wrists show the burn signs of long term rope or manacle restraint.

When cutting open the body, the most unusual thing here is the fact that there is normally a dull trickle of blood under gravity. However this is even less than expected here. The only conclusion that is that the blood contained is grossly insufficient for the body. When freeing up the large intestine, which seems stretched like rubber, there are even signs of tearing and rupture. The contents are removed for later study.
The Brain seems normal for a human, but there are clear signs of recent haemorrhage and healing surmised to be from pulling and squashing.
The breastbones show signs of combat, but also show signs of repeated abuse. The rib cartilage also shows signs of stress fracture, again surmised to be from pulling and tearing.
Chest organs with the exception of the lungs seem to be normal. The lungs show the same signs on stretch/compression damage. The major organs seem to be normal for a creature of human size about 6’ not an 8’ creature.

Urine – not normal, but not unusual either.
Blood – 2 different types in the samples taken 1 and 2 (predominantly 1, next to trace 2). The little of sample 2 which can be extracted (and it really is little) reveals the person who had this blood is of a Norwegian stock with possibly Celtic and Saxon influences (essentially most the east of Scotland from approximately the Borders up to Edinburgh reaching inland to varying degrees) There are also other items in the blood which appear to be a concoction of chemicals some of which appear on no database. There is a distinct Vitamin D deficiency. Tasting the blood indicates that the trace blood has a slight and now distinctly feint Kindred taint, powerful enough to come through the beasts blood, which is normal human blood with some odd tasting elements in it. There are large traces of a drug which seems to be closely akin to PCP.
Stomach contents – fluid, Vegetable matter and cooked meat, This meat conforms to no known commercially available meat. Further expansion into wider anthropological databases confirms that it is in fact human. There are up to 3/4 (not entirely sure) different peoples blood/flesh in his stomach much of the DNA has been denatured in the cooking process making information harder to come by.
Intestines – Shows signs of other human flesh and blood, digestion and death has made it difficult to obtain more information.
Semen – Human, Infertile
Saliva – Normal Human.
Kidneys/ Liver – signs of repeated mild poisoning. The elements seem to be an odd combination.
Hair – Human Hair
DNA reports – Human

This creature matches nothing that occult information can bring up in werewolf terms, but the mysterious chemicals can be identified as various alchemical substances. These substances are clearly all about change, more specifically a vulgar change not a pure change. This is a very unusual offshoot of Alchemy which instead of moving to the more philosophical level, moves to invoking more unusual metamorphoses.
Overall conclusion is that this creature is not a werewolf at all, but some sort of alchemically-Enhanced ghoul (a Thrope), dosed up on PCP. The major damage to the organs shows that the change is ultimately selfdestructive as it would prove fatal to a mortal and even a regenerating ghoul would start to fall apart eventually.

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