Father Tobias Abrahams

Title:Father, Priest of the Holy Church of the Lancea Sanctum and Holy Templar of Middlesbrough
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum

Ties of Belief

Things known to the Lancea Sanctum

Tobias is a staunch traditionalist both in terms of faith and kindred society, his faith in his religion is absolute its intensity matched only by ever burning rage that exists just beneath his friendly southern preacher exterior.
Quick to anger he can at times lose himself in the moment, but shows an apparent genuine remorse when the dust has settled and the red mist passes from in front of his eyes.

He considers himself to be on the path to mastering The Trinity of The Faith, to convince the unbeliever, punish the wayward and enact the will of God so that none forget that his will is manifest.

He believes that all kindred will find their path to God and never takes no for an answer, to him this simply means "not yet".

Ties of Blood

Things known to the Daeva Clan

Tobias is as passionate as any of his clan, though the conflict of his baser nature with the piety of his spirit is one that is evident to any who observe him.

Arrival in the region:

Up until several months ago Tobias was overseeing a Sanctified Church in Dothan, Alabama. He was relocated to the North East of England after the deaths of Brother Ezekiel Abbadon and Father Malek. As this left the region without either a Sorcerer or priest, Tobias's skills in both fields made him the ideal choice. His willingness to journey so far into none kindred territory, displayed the depth of faith required.
He took the journey as a pilgrimage, to see with his own eyes the places where such luminaries of the covenant had once served God.
That which met him upon his arrival in the Holy City of Durham, was last thing he had expected to find…


  • He has a horrific past made up of numerous acts that make even Jerry Springer contestants look tame
  • As a mortal he was married for three months before his mother revealed his wife was his brother
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