Tyler O'Harris

Tyler O'Harris

Bare Knuckle Boxing Champion

Undefeated in all 4 Cities

Player Miley
Character Tyler O'Harris
City Durham
Clan Gangrel
Covenant Unaligned
Age upon Embrace 24
Occupation/Position Bare Knuckle Boxer
Hometown Haswell
Status within the City Resident


As he is newly introduced to the Area, no one seems to know much as yet.


Typically dirty and scruffy Attire, Vest, Trackie Bottoms and Trainers, also some wraps around his Hands and arm.
With the winning he won at Middlesbrough in his fight with Maya, as suggested by Christian Lawrence he has bought some new clothes, thoguh if they are what he expected Tyler to buy, we shall see.
Tyler is now in a traditional suit, shirt tie and blazer, some have even spotted a Police Badge!





Recent Events:

  • He delivered Bishop Odo to his Final Death
  • Staked Prince Max Von Roht in his own city and ran away with his Body
  • Had a Boxing Match with Sir Francois Ablesin de la Morte at Durhams Masquerade Ball, He won, but it took him a While.
  • Had a Boxing Match with Raptor in Darlington, He won
  • Had a Boxing Match with Tobias Abrahams, The Preacher got one lucky shot in, But Tyler won
  • Had a Boxing Match with Maya, He won and also took home a Trophy, Her Bra.
  • Has a Boxing Match with Daisy She couldn't even hit him.
  • Had a Re-Match with Maya, and he won, although his Balls may never regrow after she kneed them. He won £10,000 from that fight which he is buying a new "Suite" with
  • Had a Boxing match with the Boxing Major, it was a close fight But Tyler won.


  • His "Family"
  • Sir Francois Ablesin de la Morte, after their Boxing match, Tyler considers Francois his friend, and is even having him to stay with him and his family in their camp.
  • Yeron Hara, Tyler likes Yeron's loyalty to others, and after she helped him remove another of one of his friends from danger, he now considers her a friend also.
  • Kenny o'Lafferty, Tyler has been training Kenny up in his Brawling skill and they have became good friends.
  • Ward, although Ward is a bit quiet, Tyler has taken a liking to this Kindred.
  • He is always willing to help anyone if they need it.


  • Anyone who speaks ill of his "Family"
  • Anyone who acts against his friends
  • Tyler is a Bit Apprehensive about the Lancea Sanctum now, He has a Lot of Respect for Tobias Abrahams, but finds his Preachy attitude a bit naff


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  • Tyler and Otto Thom are actually Brothers!
  • Tyler has a Box full of Bra's from his "Conquests"
  • Tyler took up boxing as a teenager after a failed attempt to mug a granny ended up with her beating the crap out of him.

Quotes from or about Tyler:

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