Player Ricky
Character Vince
City Darlington
Clan Daeva
Covenant Carthian Movement
Age upon Embrace 22
Occupation/Position Party Boy
Hometown Darlington
Status within the City


Early life
Born 1983 to parents John and Jessica Worthington Vincent spent most of his childhood between the UK and Germany on various different army bases. His mother died when Vince was very young to cancer and he was brought up under army care while his father was on tour. In 1999 John Worthington was KIA during a raid in Kosovo and this hit the 16 year old Vince very hard. He blamed his father for staying in the army and decided at that point to forgo his family ties and strike out on his own. He attended Darlington Queen Elisabeth Sixth form centre, as he was living in Catterick during the death of his father, studying history and music both passions of his from an early age. He proceeded to attend Hull university studying history, after his first year however Vince dropped out of his course due to what the board claimed was a severe drug habit but what really happened was that he realised that his major passion was the countries nightclub scene. He spent the better part of his late teens and early twenties attending every gothic night club, he could get too, living predominantly on his fathers army pension. He became a rather successful DJ with sets around the country and even went so far as to release a small underground EP which received modest reviews.


Vince is very small and slender by the look of him, he has rather feminine features and a delightful smile that drives the ladies wild. He can normally be found lounging against or on something or someone observing proceedings with a coy grin.


Sire - Shade


Recent Events

- In March 2010 Vince was made head of the Carthian Movement after the resignation of Amodeus Von Carlson.
- In April 2010 Vince became Seneschal for Darlington
- In June 2010 Vince was Bloodhunted by Prince Gaius along with the majority of the courts of the Northeast
- Chased out of Darlington by Max von Roht and Johan Von Straud
- Chased out of Durham by Max von Roht and Johan Von Straud
- Inexplicably chased back INTO Darlington by Ward


- Apparently Vince occasionally likes to dress as Christopher Biggins in an effort to get closer to his secret love for pantomime
- Vince can't understand anyone who talks to him if they are drunk or speaking with a Geordie accent.
- Him and Max are working together to create a large pantomime like drama in the Darlington court.
- The real reason he and Max are fighting is because Max insulted his oh so shiny coat.
- Vince is the most unpopular popular Carthian in all the domains combined!
- Vince is set to return soon and will be recognised by all with his true title: Shadow Emperor



Max Von Roht

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Theme Tune

- Vince's embrace

- Vince as a kindred

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