What are Zombi's?

Zombi's are corpse's that have been raised and brought back to life by powerful magic. Zombi's can only be raised though a ritual and that each ritual can only do one Zombi at a time, so creating a Zombi takes a long time. However, because the Zombi is powered by magic, they are alot tougher then Zombie's and can only be destroyed by removing the magic or destroying the whole body, as Zombi's do not need specific body part's to function, even decapitating them means they could still live.

Zombi's also have the ability to use the magic in the body to mutate itself, therefore it could sprout claws or larger fangs, which are deady even to kindred.

Who make's these Zombi's?

It is known that only Followers of Ereshkigal are able to make these Zombi's, though the actually ritual has not been seen done, so we don't know if any other groups or individual's have done the ritual. Since the attack on the Elysium and the eradication of the Graveyard facility, there have been no new attacks by Zombi's.

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